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Here’s How to Build a Mini Backyard Baseball Game

Here’s How to Build a Mini Backyard Baseball Game

Baseball is back and it has inspired us to find creative ways to enjoy the baseball experience from home. Here’s a family-friendly activity to enjoy while watching the Blue JaysTM on Sportsnet or listening on the radio. Remember the classic game of Cornhole? Well here it is with a baseball twist, and you can easily build it yourself! You can "toss" a single, double, triple or home run. But be careful… you can also strike out!
Here’s How:
  1. Cut the plywood board to be 2’x5’ (or bigger if you prefer). Then sketch in your holes using a circular object of similar diameter to your hole saw. Make sure to leave 6” of space at the top for the score board. 
  2. Line up the hole saw with the markings and cut out the circles. 
  3. Next, cut the 1”x2” pine to create a frame around the board, cutting the corners at a 45-degree angle so they join up. Then attach the pieces to your plywood with deck screws. Use the leftover piece 1”x2” to cut the two front legs and affix them to the bottom of the frame using the deck screws. 
  4. Sand down the board to remove any rough edges, then fill in any knots, gaps, or cracks with wood filler or DryDex (essential if you’re going to paint your board). Then give the whole game one final sand to remove any excess wood filler, and wipe off the dust. 
  5. If the board has knots roll on some Beauti-Tone BlockIt Primer to help seal the knots and prevent them from bleeding through the paint. 
  6. Once the primer is dry, roll on your favourite paint colour from our Beauti-Tone Toronto Blue JaysTM Colour Collection (the colour “Slugger” is pictured here). 
  7. Once dry, use painter’s tape to mask out the middle stripes, base lines and scoreboard squares. Use the “Grand Slam” colour for the stripes and Beauti-Tone’s Chalkboard Paint in “Power Hitter” colour for the scoreboard. For the base lines, use the “Curve Ball” colour or a white Sharpie permanent paint marker. 
  8. Use a stencil and “Curve Ball” paint or the white Sharpie paint marker to label the holes and scoreboard as pictured. Tip: use multiple paint coats and a dry-brush technique for a crisp finished look, or use the white Sharpie paint marker for even thinner lettering. 
  9. Show your Blue JaysTM pride! Download the Blue Jays Logo Stencil and paint in the colours using the Toronto Blue JaysTM Colour Collection. Alternatively, you can buy a Blue JaysTM logo sticker and paste it onto your board. 
  10. Purchase 8 bean bags to play with, or make your own! Just cut 2 pieces of fabric into rectangles, sew them together leaving an opening, fill ¾ full with rice and then sew it closed. Set the board up in your backyard, gather your friends and family, and you’re all ready to play!
board straight
Board Side View
Board Side view
Here’s How to Play: 
Each game is broken down into innings of play. Players stand 20 ft. away from the game when throwing their bags. The top of an inning is completed when Player 1 has pitched all four bags. The bottom of the inning is completed when Player 2 pitches all four bags. 

The player who scored the most runs in the previous inning has the honour of pitching first in the next inning. If neither player scored, the player who pitched first in the in the previous inning or game shall retain first pitch in the next frame. 

The game shall be played for 9 innings. The player with the most runs at the end of 9 innings is the winner. If the players have a tie score at the end of 9 innings, the game goes into extra innings until one player ends an inning with more runs. 

Scoring: If your bag lands in the 1st base hole, you are awarded 1 run. If your bag lands in the 2nd base hole, you are awarded 2 runs. If your bag lands in the 3rd base hole, you are awarded 3 runs. 
Mini Baseball Game
If your bag lands in the ‘Home Run’ hole you are awarded 4 runs. If your bag lands in the ‘Out’ hole, on the board, or beside the board you will be awarded no runs. Use a piece of chalk to keep track of the score on the scoreboard squares at the top of the board.
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