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Slat Mat

It's all about First Impressions

Create a unique, personalized doormat customized with your choice of wood stain colours. Simple to create and easy to change, this one-of-a-kind piece of art works hard to greet your guests with a great impression.

Slat MatWhat you'll need



Here's How

  1. Cut lumber into 11 slats, 22" long.
  2. Measure and mark 4" from both ends of each slat for drill holes.
  3. Block and clamp each slat to the drill press table, supported at 90 degrees and centred to the drill bit. Drill holes.
  4. Sand and stain all sides of the slats as desired.

Slat Mat

  1. Tie a single knot at the end of the rope and burn off excess rope with a soldering iron.
  2. Place a nut on the rope, and then pull the rope through one end of a slat. Add a nut and then another slat. Repeat until all slats are on the rope.
  3. Pull the rope tight, add a nut, and tie off with a single knot. Burn off excess rope.
  4. Repeat the rope assembly on the other end.