Home Hardware

Exterior Colour Inspiration


Paint that powerful rectangle, your front door, into a stunning design statement with our top ten door colours.

Andi's Scarf​                              A19-1-1442-3
Red front door painted with Beauti-Tone paint
Earthly Pleasure                        A3-1-0102-3
Mandalay Road​                       B39-1-0039-3
Chocolate Brown​                        Premixed
Charcoal Sketch​                              R161-4
Rooftop​                                          FO34-3
Calm Interlude​                          C6-1-0501-3
Yellow Front Door with Beauti-Tone Paint
Petunia Patty​                           A43-2-1228-3
Clover Patch​                             C45-1-0431-3
Kingston Yellow​                      D42-0-1597-3


Colour is powerful, paint is protective, together they bring out our home's best features.

Three-Piece Suit Beauti-Tone Paint Colour
​Three-Piece Suit                                        VF104-4
She's Lacqured Beauti-Tone Paint Colour
She's Lacqured                                              VF103-4​
Light as a Feather Beauti-Tone Paint Colour
Light as a Feather                                       CZ10-0​
My Favourite Sweater Beauti-Tone Paint Colour
My Favourite Sweater                             CZ3-0​
Mouse in the House
Mouse In The House​!                             LL119-4
Blank Page
Blank Page                                                            CZ1-0
Pier Pressure
Pier Pressure                                                    SS95-0​
Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star                             C15-2-0668-4​
Here Comes the Bride
Here Comes the Bride                        WB001-0​
Metropolis Mood
Metropolis Mood                           D35-4-0526-0​
Day Spa
Day Spa                                                        C7-1-0634-3​
Yours Truly
Yours Truly                                                   WB009-0​
Marseilles                                                D35-5-0525-0​
London Road
London Road                                       D35-3-0527-4​
Felicity                                                        D35-7-0523-0​
Queen's Rose
Queen's Rose                                         A6-1-0095-3​
Midnight Magic
Midnight Magic                                    C9-1-0508-3​
Snowglory                                               D36-6-0531-0​

When Selecting colours for your home’s exterior consider your home’s fixed assets, the rooof, brick, aiding etc.

Use colour to direct the eye to your home’s best features.
Emphasize attractive architectural features with a contrasting colour. Diminish unslightly such as
downspouts by painting them the same colour as the background.​
King Kole
King Kole                                                 D30-3-0576-4​
Espresso                                                     D41-0-1596-3​
Power Lunch
Power Lunch                                        D30-7-0572-0​
Frond                                                           D25-4-0232-0​
Ares Shadow
​Ares Shadow                                         D23-1-0207-3
Sparkling Champagne
​Sparkling Champagne                  D23-7-0201-0
Travertine Path
Travertine Path                                   D14-3-0345-0​
Hampton Beach
Hampton Beach                                  D42-1-1012-3​
Power Lunch                                     
All that Glitters
All That Glitters                                          UP79-0​
You Simply Moss Try This
You Simply Moss Try This                  LL125-4​
Deep Breath                                                     CZ13-0​
Frozen Custard
Frozen Custard                                    B47-7-0243-0​
Cinnamon Toast
Cinnamon Toast                                B47-4-0246-4​
Whipped Cream
Whipped Cream                                      WB028-0​
Country Charm
​Country Charm                                    D2-1-0263-3
Eleanor Ann
Eleanor Ann                                              A43-1-229-3​
Cocoa Nib
Cocoa Nib                                                D2-4-0260-4​
King Kole                                                  D30-3-0576-4​
Stairway to Heaven​                          C4-2-0479-4
Pale Loden Green                           D32-6-0440-0​
Slate Stone                                             D32-5-0441-0​
Dowager                                                   D32-4-0442-4
Foggy Mist                                               C4-6-0475-0​
Drifting Sand                                        D24-4-0218-0​
Eye of the Storm                               D31-2-0423-3​
Oak Tone                                                  D24-5-0217-0​